Berkley Gulp Alive Crappie NIbbles

The Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles offer a potent and reliable addition to the avid fisherman's tackle box. This Chartreuse Fishing PowerBait is specially formulated to attract crappies and other panfish; on contact with water, the crappie lure begins to dissolve slowly, allowing it to disperse panfish-attracting scent. Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles are 92 percent biodegradable.

Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles:

  • Attracts crappies and other panfish
  • 92 percent biodegradable
  • Non-biodegradable microscopic spheres formed from naturally occurring silica
  • Dissolves slowly in water to disperse scent

1.1oz jar

Collections: Dough Baits, Freshwater

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