Blade Runner Basstrix Tube Heads

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Blade Runner Basstrix Trix Tube Heads are perfectly made to fit inside the Basstrix Trix Tube 2 in two sizes, 4" and 5".  Rather than having the lead head built into the tube, this system allows you to change the jig head size depending on how you're fishing.  If you want a 5" tube and 1/2oz head, you can do that.  If you want a 4" tube and a 1oz head, you can do that too.  You can customize your jig to the weight and size you want.

Additionally, if a fish tears the tube, you can simply pull it off and swap it with another tube.  No need to throw away the entire lure anymore. The eye of the hook is more center to the bait and doesn't fall head first.  It has a gently gliding action that entices fish to bite. 

Add some scent to the inside of the tube for an added attractant.

4" Trix Tube 2

5" Trix Tube 2


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