Bass Chow Skobie Soft Plastic Bait

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The Bass Chow Skobie was designed to look like a Sculpin or a Goby. In almost anywhere in the country there is a strain of Sculpin, from rivers, creeks, lakes, Reservoirs, and ponds. The invasion of the Goby is getting larger. This bait works great nose hooked on a drop shot. Try split shotting it on a long split shot rig.

Bass Chow worms are the ultimate in hand pours and the Skobie is no exception.  Stephan Leatz, the owner and sole operator, makes every worm by hand.  He packages it by himself and actually delivers it personally to our shop, which is and hour away.  The dedication to his craft is evident in every worm, from the pour, the packaging, and the personal delivery, he take pride.  Stephan's focus on quality has landed himself as one of the premier hand  pours on the West Coast with lots of big fish coming on his creations.  If you haven't tried a Bass Chow yet, you need to.  We have confidence that you won't be disappointed. 

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