Avet Reel Cover

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The Avet reel cover is custom made for Avet reels but works with most other brands.  It's made of neoprene, similar to what is used for wetsuits.  A band wraps around the handle and uses Velcro to adhere to itself to protect the handle.  Avet also put a ring on the top so you can attach your lure or hook to it while the reel is on the rod.  They come in four sizes to fit most any size reel.  We think its the best reel cover we've ever seen.

We have also found the small size great for low profile bait casting reels.  We have used it on everything from Daiwa 300's to Shimano Curado's and it fits very well.  Try it out on your low profile reel instead of using a lesser quality cover, we think you'll like it.

Fits all SX reels

Fits all MXJ, MXL reels

Fits all JX, LX, HXJ, HX, HXW reels

Fits all, EX 30, EXW30 reels

Fits all EX50, EXW 50 reels


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