Daiwa Launches a New Lighter, More Compact Tatula SV Reel

by Chad Curtis February 21, 2020

Daiwa Launches a New Lighter, More Compact Tatula SV Reel

Cypress, CA – Just when you thought the in-demand Tatula SV reel couldn’t get any better, Daiwa unleashes the new smaller 100 size TATULA SV TW103.

Daiwa’s progressive product development team redesigned the new Tatula SV reel to be the smallest and lightest, most stress-free reel the company has ever introduced. The amazing new Tatula reel comes in at a featherweight 6.7 ounces, and is one of the lightest, most controlled baitcasting reels on the market today.

What really makes The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 so special are its patented SV Spool and Air Brake technology. The proprietary features work together to truly reduce backlashes, while still allowing for incredible casting distances and unmatched control, as the reel employs both magnetic breaking and centrifugal breaking, simultaneously.

But that’s not all… Daiwa’s Zero Adjuster spool let’s anglers finely tune the spool tension while the T-Wing System level-wind opens up line feed, working together to cast longer, more accurately, and provide stress-free control when chunking into the wind, skipping baits or casting light lures.

Comfort is enhanced with the reel’s smaller, low-profile design and Soft Touch handle knobs. The SV TWS103’s immaculate innerworkings are housed in an aluminum frame and chassis, too, giving the reel strength, rigidity and smooth performance.

The 100 size Tatula SV is available in Standard (6.3:1), High Speed (7.3:1) and Hyper Speed (8.1:1). And all gear ratios come in both left- and right-hand models.

When you’re considering a small, lightweight and palmable baitcaster, look no further than Daiwa’s new TATULA SV TW103…a reel that is set to redefine baitcasting.

TATULA SV TW103 Features:

  • 32mm A7075 SV Spool
  • Featherweight 6.7-ounces
  • UTD Drag
  • Zero Adjuster
  • T-Wing System
  • Redesigned Soft Touch Handle Knobs
  • Aluminum Frame for strength, rigidity and smooth performance
  • A light line baitcaster well suited for finesse applications
  • Matte Black Finish with Custom Spider Graphics
  • Available Gear Ratios (6.3:1) (7.1:1) (8.1:1)

MSRP $199.99

TATULA SV TW103 Exclusive Technologies:

  • T-Wing Systems
  • SV Spool
  • Swept Handle
  • Air Brake Technology
  • Zero Adjuster Spool

This article made possible by Fishing Tackle Retailer.

Chad Curtis
Chad Curtis


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