4 Ways to Bundle Your Rods, Pros and Cons

by Chad Curtis February 07, 2017

4 Ways to Bundle Your Rods, Pros and Cons

We've all had to deal with bundling our rods up for a trip, jumping on a buddy's boat, or hoof it to our favorite spot on the bank.  Here are some products to help you travel with ease.  From worst to best, check out the pros and cons of these 4 methods.

Izorline rod straps

#4  Izorline Velcro Grip Straps - $3.99 - 1 Small and 1 Large Per Pack

Pros:  They are priced well and are made of very durable nylon webbing.  They work ok with ultralight rods due to their light weight.  The thin design fits in your pocket easily so they are there when you need them.

Cons:  They just don't keep the rods together snug enough.  We pulled them as tight as possible but because there is not elasticity to them, they loosen quickly causing the rods to bang together.  These were by far the most difficult to put on, one hand is trying to hold the rods while the other hand is wrapping the strap.  The velcro strap has to end up close to the right spot for the hook and loop to grab, not always and easy proposition.


Rubber Bands for Fishing rods

#3  Plain Rubber Bands - < $.01

Pros:  By far the cheapest of the bunch and the easiest to come by.  They hold the rods together tightly as long as they aren't the very thin kind.  They are easy to put on using one of your rod guides to start and stop the wrapping.

Cons:  They are very easy to loose since they blend in with the surroundings given their light color.  They will not last in the elements and will break if you put too much pressure on them. They are good in a pinch but not the best way to keep things organized.  


p-LIne neoprene fishing rod strap

#2  P-Line Neoprene Rod Strap - $4.99 - 2 Per Pack
Pros:  We like the softness of the strap and it's ability to keep a large amount of rods wrapped up tight.  The velcro holds well and can be attached anywhere along the strap so it's not dependent on where it lines up.  

Cons:  It's a little difficult to hold the rods while you go around several times with the strap.  They are a little bulky and can weigh the tip down if it's a light action rod or ultralight trout rod.  Over time velcro tends to decline in it's holding power as the fabric breaks down.


#1 Rod Bungee - $3.99 - 2 Per Pack

Pros:  The rod bungee is by far the easiest way to keep rods from escaping on you.  There are 2 sizes to fit your rod quiver with the small ones being great for the tip of the rod or if you're carrying less than 3 rods.  The medium size is the all around best which can be used for tips or butts and up to 8 rods.  They not only hold them together but they hold them the tightest of the ones we tested.  They are extremely durable and weather resistant.  I've had a pair in the back of my truck for over 3 years with very little wear.

Cons:  We can't find anything negative, these are our staff and customer's top pick.  


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Chad Curtis
Chad Curtis


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