Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 11/15/2014

by Chad Curtis November 15, 2014

Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lakes both got stocked this week on Friday!!!  We had some reports at Castaic of some stripers in the 8-20 pound range being caught on swimbaits like the Deps Slideswimmer, Lunker Punker, and Spro BBZ 8".  Most have been caught in the marina area from shore but a few good ones have been taken where C Point is/was.  

The water level is still low but we think this is going to make for great swimbait fishing for larger fish.  To the left and right of the ramp, the lake is now narrowed creating funnel points that the trout have to swim through.  This makes for a great opportunity for larger fish to ambush them in these two funnel points.  We suggest spending a lot of time in these two areas fishing swimbaits as much as possible if you're looking for bigger fish.   

Pyramid always get's bigger trout and throwing bigger bait's can be very productive.  We just got the new 12" Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout in stock and we know it's going to gain a lot of attention.  The shad is still up and we've seen guys out there catching bait.  If you want a crazy bite, we suggest making a bait tank and getting a shad net.  You can easily have 40-50 fish days on bait right now.  

For artificial baits, jerk baits, flukes, underspins and umbrella rigs have been working well.  This bite could last all the way into December if the bait stays up.  Dropshotting shad style worms in 15-30 feet has been working well on smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.  Lot's of smallmouth have been caught which is very common for the fall bite.  

It's a great time of year to fish so get out there as often as you can.  Hope to see you on the water.

Chad Curtis
Chad Curtis


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