Castaic Lake Fishing Report 7/30/2014

by Steven Castillo July 30, 2014

The water level has been erratic. It drops some then they pump some in, then repeat the process. The fishing remains fair. The Largemouth seem to be holding on rock and the shakey head is still getting em. We found that our most productive colors/baits were Roboworms in Morning Dawn and Oxblood Light Red Flake. The Texas Rig is also very productive.

In the early morning the fish seem to be busting on shad. We had a little action on the popper and the jerkbait. We metered some very big balls of bait/fry so the topwater bite is about ready to go off!

There were a few boils to be had but nothing of size is showing up yet. Most Stripers are in the pound to 2 pound range. Anchovies and Lug Worms are still working best off the dam.

The water level is down but the fish don't seem to mind at all so don' let that deter you! Get out there and catch some fish!

Steven Castillo
Steven Castillo


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